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Hibiscus Rose Mallow/“Starry, Starry Night” Height: 3 ½-4’ Spacing: 4-5’ Sun Requirements: Full to Half Day Sun (3-6+ hours) Hardiness Zone: 4-9 Size: 2 Gallon Pot Bloom Time: July-September • Huge, 7-8”, pale pink blooms with darker pink striping and speckling and dark, near black maple-like foliage • Bright green calyxes contrast with the darker foliage • Cut plant back to 4-6” from the ground in the spring before new growth appears • New growth is slow to appear in the spring…patience! • Can pinch back new shoots half-way as they emerge from the soil to encourage branching • Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies; deer resistant • May benefit from some winter protection in its first season • Perennials must be planted in the ground to survive the winter

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